Hva skal til for å erstatte Bitcoin?

Likte spesielt denne delen:
«One of the greatest things that Satoshi did was disappear. In the early days of Bitcoin, Satoshi controlled a lot of what was developed. By disappearing, we’ve now got a situation where parties that don’t like each other (users of various affiliations) all have some say in how the network is run.»
@«What would it take to displace Bitcoin? Most likely an innovation at least as big as Bitcoin itself or a bug that makes Bitcoin insecure. Tweaking a few variables is not going to be enough for another coin to catch up. Even adding a big feature (e.g. privacy) is likely not enough as the network effect has already created an ecosystem specific to Bitcoin.»
Jeg setter pris på dine meninger og kommentarer 🙂 Skriv inn nederst på siden.

Bruker du denne linken når du oppretter
konto vil vi begge få 10 dollar i Bitcoin 🙂


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